4 Nov

Weigh-in: 204.4
Post-midnight snack: multigrain wrap: 162 calories, peanut butter: 186 calories, blackcurrant jam: 32 calories
Breakfast: Pret porridge with compote: 267 calories, starbucks venti sfv soy latte: 190 calories
Lunch: veggie pasta: 413 calories, salad with dressing:268
Dinner: half a caesar salad with ham, half a bread roll, guinea fowl breast, potato cake and vegetables plus half a scoop of rum and raisin and half an apricot tart, a petit four, vodka and diet coke and 3 glasses of white wine
Post-dinner snack: lolly: 75 calories, 2 slices of toast with honey: 300

I left work at 1am this morning and felt carsick the entire taxi-ride home. I hadn’t planned on eating anything after dinner, which is why I blogged, so it’d be set in stone/print but I just couldn’t fall asleep when my stomach was so unsettled.

Tonight I had to attend a client dinner with a set menu that I had no control over. I’m not even sure how to calculate those calories. I got fed-up with weightwatchers because I don’t believe all fats are bad. I didn’t like using up half a days points on an avocado when its actually good for you and contains good for you fats, but at least I was pretty good at estimating points – calories are still kind of an abstract idea to me.

Either way I went way over today since the total is almost 1900 without including dinner.

Tomorrow’s another day…


Trying Tuesday

2 Nov

Weigh-in: 205.0
Breakfast: Starbucks venti sugarfree vanilla soy latte: 190 calories, 2 x nak’d cocoa orange bars: 262 calories
Lunch: turkey sandwich: 298 calories, salt and vinegar discs: 96 calories, neurotrim: 37 calories
Dinner: sushi: 332 calories, rainbow medley vegetables: 154 calories
Dessert: cadburys chocolate: 110 calories
Total: 1479 calories

I didn’t do sooo bad on my sleep goal last night. I went to bed with enough time to get in a full 8 hours and fell asleep relatively quickly but then my radio woke me up half an hour before my alarm was set. I’m going to count 7 hours. I’m trying.

No exercise today as I’m still at work at 8:30pm. I’ll be lucky if I leave by midnight so hitting tonight’s sleep goal is looking less and less likely.


Routine Monday

1 Nov

Weigh-in: 207.2
Breakfast: Starbucks venti sugarfree vanilla soy latte: 190 calories
Lunch: Turkey sandwich: 506 calories, salt and vinegar snack a jacks: 105 calories
Afternoon snack: peanut protein ball: 206
Pre-workout snack: almond protein snack: 206
Dinner: pumpkin soup: 334 calories, 3 slices of bread: 330, 20g icbinb light: 70 calories, salad: 50 calories, balsamic dressing: 28 calories
Post-dinner: drumstick lolly: 75 calories
Activity: 5k run: 546 calories plus an extra mile walk for a total of 1hr (114 calories)
Total calories: 1440

An online calculator worked out my basal metabolic rate is 1739 and that my daily calorie needs were 2087 based on my pretty much sedentary job so that would be a deficit of 647 calories.

Anyone know how accurate BMR calculators are?

I was pretty proud of myself for running the first 3.1 miles home tonight. At first I was aiming for the full five but after three weeks off running the last thing I want to do is injure myself.

A good start to the week I think. The tricky part is definitely going to be getting that sleep in tonight!


Sunday Weekly Goals: November 1-7

31 Oct

For too long I’ve looked at only the big picture – losing 55lbs. And I think it’s too overwhelming. So I’m breaking this down week-by-week.

My goals for this first week of November are:

1) Sleep 8 hours every night

2) Run twice

3) Go to the gym once

4) Drink 64oz of water daily


That’s it.  No food goals this week.  Just healthy, manageable baby steps.


– CJ

Another Tuesday

26 Oct


This is why the scale can’t be trusted – I lost over a pound overnight by not doing a single damn thing.

Work is still ridiculously busy, like leave my house at 9am don’t get home ’til midnight busy.

It makes losing weight really tricky because there’s just not the time in the day for working out or meal planning.

I know I need to make myself a priority but its hard to juggle the balance with getting a good kickstart in a successful career.

I’m damn good at my job though so now I need to be damn good at the rest of my life.


Monday Weigh Day

25 Oct


I’m pissed off that in the last year I’ve regained almost 17lbs.

It scares me and it feels out of control. I don’t like it one bit.


Blackberry blogging

22 Oct

I typically hate putting myself out there – its why there’s very few pictures of me on here or even on facebook or in family albums. Its also why I recoil from situations which rely on popularity or pitching myself. I’d be terrible on the apprentice!

So it was with some hesitation that I put myself forward when Jen announced she was expanding the PriorFatGirl family.

I’ve talked more about cheesecake this week than weightloss but its been a stressful few months at work and the added stress of prepping food and counting points made it so that weightloss fell by the wayside. I realised as I wrote my email to Jen that regardless of the outcome, I’m recommitting to this journey and I’m committed to doing it for myself, not for anyone else and not for any other reason than my own health and happiness.

In the past I always wanted to be skinnier by the time this holiday came along, or that party, or seeing those friends and it hasn’t ever worked for me. So this time I’m not setting any deadlines, I’m not looking to any particular points in time. I’ll reach my healthy and happy place at my own pace just as soon as I’m ready. But I’m starting that journey this very minute.

I’m recommitting to my journey and I’m recommitting to this blog. From tomorrow I’m going to post my weight daily. I’ll count weekly losses but its a tool that has worked before and takes away the craziness associated with the ever changing number on those scales.

I’m also going back to my body balance class on Saturday since it won’t interfere with my running now that my half-marathon is over and I’m going to pre-track my meals and plan my food better since it helps not just with the weightloss but also my bank balance.

I was promoted at work last week, which has helped massively with my confidence and self-belief and we’re in a recruitment process currently so hopefully my workload is about to lighten and the timing just feels so right for this.

Watch this space!

– CJ

The end is nigh

21 Oct

I come bearing bad news.  If you have been following along with the saga of the chocolate honeycomb cheesecake slice, well, this is its final episode.

I had planned on going grocery shopping after work tonight but that was derailed completely.  Instead, I stayed in the office until almost midnight and the grocery store shuts at 11pm.

I contemplated ordering delivery pizza on the ride home but thought I should just go to bed hungry instead.  So when I got home and did my usual glance in the fridge and remembered I had a slice of cheesecake alongside my two red onions I was overjoyed.  (Seriously, I have two red onions and ONLY two red onions in my fridge at the moment.  It’s sad).

Should I have eaten a slice of cheesecake at midnight? Possibly not.  But those 385 calories felt a damn sight less guilty when they’re dinner instead of just desert!


Cheesecake update

19 Oct

The slice of chocolate honeycomb cheesecake is still in my fridge.


(source – Natalie Dee)

I tried to take a photograph as proof but my camera battery is dead and I can’t find the charger.  So you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Suspicious I know, but I promise it’s still there just hanging out.  I wouldn’t lie to you!

It’s not like I’ve been a model eater the past couple of days, just for some reason the cheesecake isn’t so appealing.  I caught myself earlier thinking I should just eat it to get it out of the way but that’s a stupid reason to eat cheesecake. I considered it for breakfast this morning but I’d already eaten my toast with peanut butter and really, I wouldn’t have enjoyed eating it hurriedly when I wasn’t even hungry.

So the cheesecake slice survives another night. I should probably check on its expiration date. And even though I hate wasting food, I WILL NOT eat it just because it’s wasteful not to eat it. THAT would be a stupid reason to eat cheesecake.

– CJ

Chocolate Honeycomb Cheesecake

18 Oct

If you were hoping for a delicious recipe with that title then I’m going to have to apologise for sorely disappointing you.

Ok, fine, here you go http://www.my-cheesecake-recipes.com/Chocolate-Honeycomb-Cheesecake.html


But don’t come crying to me when your weightloss stalls! Seriously the pictured recipe doesn’t even require cooking!?

No, the real reason for this post is because there’s a slice of chocolate honeycomb cheesecake sitting in my fridge and I haven’t eaten it.

I bought it yesterday, they come in a pack of two slices from the grocery store opposite my house.  I’m currently sick so I have sort of a licence to eat what I’m craving.  Yesterday, it was noodles.  I think because they’re spicy so I can actually taste them. And to prove that theory today I ate chilli and half a cheese/ham/mustard sandwich. Both just spicy enough to taste.

It’s most definitely a step that I haven’t felt the need to eat the cheesecake out of boredom, or just that crazy fixation that I tend to get when I know there’s ‘bad for me’ foods in the house. 

It might be a baby step, but it’s a step.


P.S. My lack of smell/taste totally backfired on me this morning when I sprayed myself with hairspray.  I guess normally if you spray too much hairspray you’ll realise when you start to breathe it in and you’ll move away.  Not if you have no sense of smell or taste.  If you have no sense of smell or taste then you’ll probably continue to inhale the hairspray until it starts to burn the back of your throat.  It’s not pleasant.