work induced guilt

11 Jan

This week I found a recipe in one of the newspapers for red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting. My colleagues requested that I make them over the weekend and bring them in on Monday.

Now, I’d hate to reveal it to them, but the only cupcakes I’ve ever made them were from a Betty Crocker box – so I’m really not the cupcake-maker extraordinaire that they think I am.

Plus, I’m having quite a zen eating day today. I had:

Breakfast: granola with a pot of 0% fat greek yogurt and wasn’t able to finish it
Lunch: weightwatchers quiche with cherry tomatoes

I don’t want to ruin that with baking – particularly as I’m going to have to try one to see how they turn out. I can’t give my co-workers my very first baking experiment untested! And then I’d have a kitchen full of cupcakes all evening calling out my name.

If I had more hours in the day maybe I’d make them some other treat, but I still want to squeeze in a trip to the gym, a trip to the bookstore, cleaning the apartment, and soup-making.

I think today I’m just going to have to practice saying no and realise that their disappointment is nothing personal.




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