Closing in on that 10lb goal…

24 Jan

So I ran on Wednesday and again today just to cheer up my little running buddy there. She really needs a name…any suggestions?

I actually planned on group cycle today aka spinning but when I got to the sign-in desk there was a LOT of people waiting and I chickened out. Instead I did half an hour on the treadmill doing week 3 of the C25K programme.

90 seconds jogging
90 seconds walking
3 minutes jogging
3 minutes walking
and repeat

Except on the second 3 minute jogging session I tried really hard not to look at the timer, and ended up doing 4 minutes so was quite impressed with myself for that! And then, because 18 minutes outside of the cool down and warmup didn’t sound like a lot, I repeated it a third time. Go me and my overachieving!

Then I did 10 minutes on the treadclimber, actually I did 8 minutes, because I decided I wanted to get it to say I’d burned off 100 calories and by that time I was reeeealy pushing myself. I imagine that’s how the teams on the biggest loser feels every day because my chest felt tight and I was really struggling at about the 70 calorie point but I reached that 100 calorie mark and hopped right off! I don’t allow myself to eat extra for the activity points or extra calories burned, but I never know how accurate those things are in terms of calories. My ipod for example is programmed with my weight so I’m hoping that’s kind of accurate, but I don’t know…anyone have any scientific knowledge to weigh in with?

Speaking of weigh-ins, I’m down to 211 as of this morning, which means I’ve lost 9 pounds since the beginning of January. So today I finalised my goal rewards and at 10 pounds I’m getting my hair cut. I want a side parting and just generally something cuter…hopefully I’ll be able to book that in next week!


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