How do you fix a crappy workout?

13 Feb

Today I just couldn’t get in the groove on the treadmill. I think of the 35 minutes I was at the gym, I ran for about 10.

Firstly, the treadmills were all taken so I did my warm up on the treadclimber. When one became free I ran over and jumped on and realised that they were new! and they measure in kilometers!

Now, my ipod tracks in kilometers so you wouldn’t think it would be that confusing, but my old treadmills measured the pace in miles…so I knew how fast I walked, and how fast I ran…I don’t know my speeds in kilometers! I was a little panicky with all the change!

I think I set the running too fast straight off, so after 2 minutes I was back to walking, then I couldn’t settle on a walking pace and I tried running for another 3 and then ran the last 4, but that was about all I could manage.

It was very odd. My right thigh started hurting, my left shin was hurting, and my period cramps that I usually get in the lower back where absolutely KILLING me once I stopped…so much for gentle exercise helping with those!

So yeah, not a good workout…but at least I was at the gym…that’s gotta count for something right?



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