Being accountable

11 Jul

I feel like everything is sort of spiralling out of control right now. I’ve been cheating regularly, skipping workouts and not blogging. All of these go hand in hand with the very slow weight loss I’m experiencing.

Week 1 I stayed the same weight
Week 2 I’ve lost half a pound

I need to kick this up if I’m going to reach goal in October.

This week, Saturday to Saturday I am going to be completely accountable and focus on some mini-goals for just this one week and see how it goes.

1) 6 mile run on Sunday + 2 runs (tuesday and thursday per my half-marathon programme)
2) track my food and plan my meals so I eat not only healthy foods but stick to my financial budget
3) drink 8 glasses of water each day
4) 2 other workouts/classes at the gym

Not too much to ask?



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