The end of a ww era

10 Jan

Last week I cancelled my weightwatchers subscription.

I haven’t followed the plan in at least 6 months and it was stupid to keep paying out the subscription fees.  Instead, I’m focusing on eating whole, healthy foods and good old-fashioned portion control.

Monday mornings will be my weigh-in day and on January 4th I weighed in at 196.2


Overall that means I’ve lost about 24 pounds since the beginning of this journey a year ago. Slowly does it.

This past week I’ve eaten A LOT of vegetables and my meals have typically been oats for breakfast, chicken/pork/beef and stir-fried vegetables for lunch and stew or more stir-fry for dinner.  I’ve also been religiously drinking my water, 8 glasses before I leave work for the day and have been trying out tea as an after dinner ‘snack’ or ‘dessert’ to keep me away from chocolate or other sweet things.

I’ll post again tomorrow with my next Monday morning weigh-in



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