Monday 29.03.2010

29 Mar

Weigh-in: 193.8lbs

Weekly check-in: –1.2lbs from last week 🙂



Green smoothie (2 points)

  • half a banana
  • ice
  • 250ml milk
  • maca
  • spinach

mid-morning snack:

apple (0.5 points)


Boots shapers chicken flat-bread (4.5 points)

salt and vinegar snack a jacks (1.5 points)

biscuit (1.5 points)


salad (1 point)

  • lettuce
  • sweetcorn

Sainsbury’s be good to yourself lasagne (6.5 points)

half nakd cocoa orange bar (1 point)

Total: 18.5 points

Activity: rest day (first day of my 28 week half-marathon plan!)

Water: 24oz + 500ml diet cream soda oops


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