Sunday 04.04.2010

4 Apr

Weigh-in: 191.2lbs again



Green smoothie (2.5 points)

  • banana
  • ice
  • 250ml milk
  • maca
  • spinach

post-workout snack:

half a nakd cashew cookie bar (1.5 points)


hummus and mushroom grilled pita (3 points)

salad of baby tomatoes, lettuce and grilled courgette

apple, pumpkin spice and custard (2 points)

mid-afternoon snack:

laughing cow wedge and spinach pita (2.5 points)


salmon (4.5 points)

edamame (2 points)

stir-fry veggies

reese’s egg (3 points)

horrible late-night snacking:

pita and hummus (3 points)

zero point soup and pitas (4 points)

nakd cocoa orange bar (2.5 point)

Total: 30.5 points eek

Activity: 2 miles @11:31

  • first mile in 11:37
  • second mile in 11:22 (negative split woohoo!)

Water: 96oz


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