The Cabbage Soup Diet

29 Apr

I have been following the cabbage soup diet since Saturday.  Tomorrow is the final day.  In my head, I know it is a ridiculous, stupid diet to follow.

Saturday I made up massive batches of the cabbage soup and ate it alongside fruit.

Sunday I ate soup and vegetables.

Monday I ate soup, fruit and vegetables.

Tuesday I ate soup, a banana and a massive amount of banana milkshakes,

Wednesday I ate steak and soup and tomatoes.

Today I ate chicken and vegetables.

I have failed numerous times because I ate an extra mini baked potato on Monday, I didn’t eat my soup today and I’ve eaten chocolate both today and yesterday. Regardless, I have seen the scales drop.

Since I was too hungover to weigh in last post, my weight shot back up to 197.  I knew it wasn’t legitimate to gain 5 or 6 pounds from my day of hungover eating but it also made me feel like complete crap.  For an entire week I failed to post and my weight stayed around the 195 mark.  195 has been my weight pretty much all friggin year.  I am so sick of weighing in the 190s.

The rationale part of my brain told me to just get back on weightwatchers and maybe actually work out but the headcase part of my brain decided the Cabbage Soup diet would be more effective.

Today I weighed in at 190, my lowest weight of 2010.  If I am 189 tomorrow I will be a very, very happy girl despite my crazy binge episode this afternoon.  I will write more about my binge episode another time since it really blew me away with the physical and mental cravings that sparked it.

But even though I haven’t posted in 10 days, I am around and still losing weight, just not in a calm, rational manner.  Clearly I need to get my head in order just as much as my body.



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