New and Improved

7 Jun

That phrase will forever bug me since someone pointed out that if it’s new, it can’t also be improved…

But, if you’re reading this then you’ve successfully found me at my new wordpress blog with an improved Project 55 outlook on life.

The name is the same but I felt the urge to change things up a little.

You see, the other day I was thinking long and hard about the concept of Project 55 and I realised that I didn’t want it to be solely about losing 55lbs.  I wanted it to be about a journey to becoming healthy and happy, a by-product of which will be reaching my healthy and happy goal weight.

I’ve tried numerous formats over the past 18 months – I’ve posted food logs, weigh-ins, food photos and exercise logs but I’m still 35lbs away from my goal weight.

So the new and improved Project 55 will see more about my life than just what I’m eating and what exercise I’m (hopefully) doing.  I still won’t, and don’t foresee ever wanting to, write about my actual job, but hopefully it’ll grow to include more about my professional development since that’s a huge part of my life. But I’ll definitely be including more about the movies I’m watching, the books I’m reading, the clothes I’m wearing, the sights I’m seeing, the places I’m visiting and the products I’m buying.

I’m excited!

– CJ


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