Lunchtime at Starbucks

15 Jun

So I’ve moved to a different Starbucks, one that is less busy and where I’m able to get a seat without suspicious people being able to lurk behind me. 

So now, I can sit at Starbucks for an hour at lunch and read blogs and write this little blog with my grande, iced, skinny, sugarfree vanilla latte….always tricky to get right!

It also means that instead of sitting at my desk for 9+ hours straight, I’ll get a little 10 minute walk each way.

I’m actually not as sore as I was expecting to be after last night’s Body Pump and resulting jelly-like arms and legs.  I still feel it though, especially after climbing stairs!

So the other day I caved in and tried some of this coconut water that I’ve seen around the blogosphere.DSCF0037

I had originally balked at the price, at £1.89 a pop it’s a little beyond my normal grocery budget, but then I realised that lately I’ve thought nothing about dropping £1.59 on one of these Starbucks to-go Seattle lattes


Made with sugar and milk these things are heavenly, but really not good for me so I’m cutting down. And if I absolutely need to hydrate with an expensive substitute for water, I’ll stick to the coconut variety.  This one from Vita Coco with pineapple is really yummy!

Guess it’s time to head back to work…

– CJ


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