Binge Eating

26 Jun

This morning I woke up slightly hungover, a little tired, very hot and humid.

I went to the fridge and pulled out the vegan overnight oats that I prepped last night (while tipsy!) and they were lovely and cool and refreshing.

I was supposed to be somewhere this afternoon but lately my weekends have become hermit-time. And this past week at work I’ve been particularly stressed, crying multiple times.

So today, instead of heading out and being social, instead of doing something fun around the house, instead even of cleaning and prepping for next week, I ate.

I went to the grocery store and bought a sushi pack, a vegetarian sushi pack, three mini gu chocolate ganache cups, a bag of salt and vinegar twists, a bag of cheese puffs, a magnum icecream, a big block of galaxy caramel, thick-sliced white bread, a £1 pizza and 2 chocolate pastry twists.

Even while I was unpacking my haul I ate a chocolate pastry twist. Then I lay down on my bed and ate both sushi packs, followed by the bag of cheese puffs. Then I ate two of the gu  chocolate ganache cups and the salt and vinegar twists, and then the other chocolate pastry. I’ve also eaten half the galaxy bar.

Funnily enough, the massive sugar high and low resulted in me falling asleep for about 4 hours. Go figure!

I really need to buy a fan since my flat is so hot and humid it’s miserable and I’m likely dehydrated. I’ve eaten a lot of feelings today and about 3,500 calories  as a result.

I seem to have snapped out of it in time to avoid the pizza and loaf of bread so now I just have to decide if I’ll put them in the freezer or throw them out. Instead, I’m going to drink a ton of water while I watch one of my latest lovefilm picks.

Tomorrow is another day…

– CJ


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