Protein muffins

11 Jul

I’m seriously struggling lately with the binging, snacking, eating, lack of exercising. The weird thing is that I used to have these downtimes and gain 20lbs without really giving it a second thought but since I still read all these healthy eating blogs daily, I’m having moments of breakthrough and feel like I’m slowly snapping out of it.  What it’s really taught me is that I need to find a better way of dealing with my emotions/stress without running to the kitchen.

On a happier note, and courtesy of the healthy hott housewife, whose blog I discovered yesterday I decided to try her recipe for protein muffins this afternoon for lunch.

Her recipe calls for protein powder, egg white, stevia, apple sauce, baking powder and cinnamon.

Hmm…I’m thinking 1 scoop of protein powder isn’t the most scientific measurement since my first attempt was not the luscious batter that appears in her photo.  No, mine was like dough…anyone know if there’s a worldwide universal protein scoop measurement? No?

No fear, I just added an extra egg white and whipped that dough into a frenzy  batter.

Oh, and since applesauce isn’t readily available at my store, or even that widely available in the UK, I substituted some mashed banana.

1) I wonder if the baby food section carries applesauce?

2) It’s hard to beat out the lumps with mashed banana and even harder to determine if you’ve missed any protein powder lumps

And then stevia is banned, so that became splenda and I’m not a massive cinnamon fan so I skipped that one.

Therese, if you ever read this I apologise for butchering your protein muffin recipe!

However, the measure of a good recipe has to be if you can butcher it and still love the results! Here’s my enormous protein muffin, halved. Excuse the tupperware lid plate, I need to wash dishes…


I tried and it let’s face it, this may not win any Top Chef quickfire rounds but holy yum! Granted if you don’t like your protein powder you may not be a fan of the taste but I gotta say this is pretty good.


Topped with peanut butter and jelly, this is a seriously satisfying snack meal.

I’m aiming today to do some serious prep for next week’s eating.  I need to snap out of this binge state pronto. And what’s that quote? Failing to plan is planning to fail?

Hope you’re having a health day.

– CJ


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