Half-Marathon training update

26 Jul

Week 1 update

I’ve sort of successfully reached week 2 of half marathon training. I skipped one run last week because I’m following a new schedule and it didn’t seem smart to jump right into it.  Last time around I was scheduled to run Tuesdays and Thursdays with my long run on Sundays.  The long runs increased each week and eventually hit 13 miles. 

This time around I’m following the Hal Higdon novice plan which only ever reaches 10 miles during the long runs which seems a lot more feasible.  My longest run last time was 10 miles because I ended up burning out and skipping the long runs the last few weeks.  That won’t be happening this time! The downside to that though is that I’m now scheduled to run Tuesdays, Wednesdays AND Thursdays during the week.  Going from months off to three days straight just wasn’t feasible last week. So I ran Tuesday, Wednesday (after which I felt like I’d been hit by a truck!) and then Sunday. I actually maintained my pace much better than I thought I would, and while I’ve lost some speed since this time last year, surprisingly, I must be much fitter.  My heart rate averaged a good 20 beats lower than last year’s average.  It’s the little things!

On to week 2!

– CJ


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