Revising rewards v3

26 Jul

These were my revised goals back in March.  I never did hit 188 and last night I weighed in at 206. 206 means I’ve managed to gain 17 pounds since my lowest weight. 

When I hit 188 – new jewellery
When I hit 181 – new shoes
When I hit 174 – facial
When I hit 167 – all new underwear
When I hit 165 – big celebration and a new pair of designer jeans

Technically, maybe a couple of pounds less since I shouldn’t really weigh in after dinner and ALOT of water to rehydrate from my 4 mile run, but even still…it’s probably at least a stone (14 pounds) gained in the past few months.  It’s mainly frustrating because I had a long-term goal in mind of losing before a family reunion this weekend, but instead I’ll be attending at my highest weight of 2010.  Frustrating, big time.

So today I’m adding a new reward for when I get back to 195.

When I hit 195 – new work outfit

A stone in two months doesn’t even sound like it’s feasible but calorie for calorie, it only takes a little over 800 extra calories a day to gain 7 pounds a month.

As a result, I’m going back to tracking my eats.  It’s the only thing that’s worked consistently in the past 18 months.  Yes, I lost weight only eating vegetable soup but it clearly hasn’t stayed off.  I feel hypocritical with all my ‘starting again’ messages and ‘ending the diet mentality’ posts but really, I’ve been struggling for a long time now and whether I’m being hypocritical or not is irrelevant.  I just need to get my head in the game and take this weight off.

– CJ


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