Dear Parents…

3 Aug

Let me first set the scene:

I run, on average, 12 minute miles.  My 5k pace is a little faster, my half-marathon page is barely that. For some reason my body is perfectly happy chugging along at a 12 minute mile regardless of how fast I tell it to go or how far I’m planning on running.

So, dear parents, when it’s 9pm and I’ve worked a LONG day at work, I promise you it’s not funny to tell your sweet, little child to race me.  I also promise that nothing will overshadow the sense of achievement your child is experiencing like me throwing a tantrum because damnit, he only had to run to the next lamppost. I had just run 3 miles!

Although I probably will hit a far faster pace running away with embarrassment…

Activity: 3.5 miles in 42:42 (average pace – 12:13 – see!)

Eats today were less than stellar:

  • Vegan overnight oats made with soymilk and chia seeds – good
  • Falafel and humous sandwich from Pret – passable
  • Pret chocolate bar – not so good
  • Cadbury’s kitkat – seriously??
  • Praline almonds – they were supposed to be for my goat cheese salad later this week damnit!
  • ready cooked, sliced chicken, sweetcorn, bagged lettuce and BGTY balsamic dressing – hardly inspired but at least was ready to eat in 3.7 seconds although I doubled that by taking the picture below!
  • chocolate milk – it’s the best recovery drink, haven’t you heard??


I am contemplating rejoining weightwatchers tomorrow. Maybe third time is a charm…

– CJ


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