Half Marathon update: week 2

3 Aug

Week 2 update

If week 1 was only sort of successful, week 2 was even less so.

I, for some reason that either wasn’t that important or I’m just not recalling, didn’t start week 2 on Tuesday. So when Wednesday rolled around i did my 3 miles. Fine.

Thursday I woke up at 5am (now that’s dedication!) and banged out 2.2 miles (.2 miles more than absolutely necessary!)

Friday I was travelling so essentially I’ve now skipped that 3 mile run that was scheduled for Thursday.

Saturday is supposed to be a cross training day but instead I ran a mile.

Then I managed to skip my Sunday long run. I was out of town. I have no real excuse though other than that I’m just really not feeling this running thing lately.

Oh well, week 3 awaits and despite waking up early to bang out my 3.5 scheduled miles for Tuesday I never left my bed so will have to do that tonight instead. 

Here’s hoping I can pull off a full week.  It’s about bloody time!

– CJ


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