A little Weightwatchers update

9 Aug

Four quick things and some link love to a few of my favourite bloggers.

1) pre-tracking is a genius idea (as advocated by Ms. Bitchcakes). I like to do it the night before as I pick out what I want to eat at lunch the next day. It helps that I’m a creature of habit and tend to eat vegan overnight oats every morning and my new favourite dinner (see below)  already has the makings of a regular.

you gotta stock up on the essentials

2) Canned salmon is genius. For some reason I’ve always been fine with tuna from a can but salmon not so much. On Sunday I bought one that was on clearance from Sainsbury’s (because they’re replacing stock not because it was old!) and tried it out in a stirfry over a sweet potato. Holy yum. In the space of five minutes I have sweet potato, stirfried veggies and salmon plus 30g of sweet chilli dipping sauce all for 6.5 points. It was so good I ate it for both lunch AND dinner on Sunday and had it again tonight. I bought all the cans of salmon they had left and fully intend on having it every night the rest of the week. Cheap and delicious (as advocated by Tina earlier today)

3) Muesli does not work in vegan overnight oats. My store has apparently also replaced its oat stock because they had NONE there when I went shopping yesterday.  How do you not sell oats?? I went to a second store tonight and there weren’t any there either. Is there an oat shortage I wasn’t aware of? I tried it with muesli and lets just say that the wheat flakes or whatever they were do not fare well soaking in milk overnight. It was mush (which I obviously still ate).

4) My milk leaked last night and somehow infiltrated into a bag of spinach. I am a) intrigued as to how an unopened bag of spinach somehow came to be milk-flooded and b) upset that my post-run green smoothie tomorrow will not be green. I was bribing myself with that smoothie to get me out of bed tomorrow.

I’m feeling so much more in control now that I’m back on the weightwatchers bandwagon. We’ll see how that shows up on the scale on Wednesday.

– CJ 


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