Weightwatchers weigh-in: Weeks 1 and 2

29 Aug

My weightwatchers journey is an interesting one. This is actually my third attempt at ridding myself of these extra pounds and I know that weightwatchers works as long as I stick to it. 

Week 1

The good: I earned 23 activity points

The bad: I ended the week with an overeat of 5.5 points

The ugly: Friday I managed to eat two days worth of points. Two days in one!


This time around I actually missed my first weigh-in because of work so it wasn’t until week 2 that I finally got to step on that dreaded scale. 

Week 2

The good: I earned 21 activity points

The bad: I only worked out 2 days this week

The ugly: I ended the week with an overeat of 25.5 points. That’s more than a whole day. I went over on four days this week.  Wednesday was a particularly horrific late night of work-related drinking which led to late-night pizza and then hungover eating all day Thursday. And no running. It was not pretty.


But you know what, I lost 4.5 pounds in those first two weeks.  I was pretty pleased. But I wonder how much better I’d have done if I hadn’t royally screwed up week 2!

As you can see I’ve tracked every day since the start of my journey, even on days when I know I’ve gone over. I’m seeing a pattern that I’m usually fine 5 out of the 7 days. 

Surprisingly, it’s not the weekends I have to worry about.  It’s almost always work days that get me in trouble. Weekends I’m free to do whatever I want and so usually have pretty good control over my eating but work can sometimes involve drink, lunch meetings, client dinners and any number of other activities that always seem to revolve around food and alcohol.

Tomorrow I’ll update you on my week 3 weigh-in and then I should be all caught up.

– CJ


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