Half Marathon update: Week 6

30 Aug

Week 6 started off pretty good. My Tuesday 4 miler turned into a 5 miler because I love that canal route so much. I even finished with an 11:35 average which KILLED week 4’s average.  This is the first time I’ve truly felt a runner’s high. I kept looking down and seeing 10 minute paces, and the third and fourth miles were actually completed in under 11 minutes each.  I literally felt like I was floating along. 

This must be that elusive runner’s high!

Wednesday’s 2 miler was with the dog again so ended up being another 12:27 pace.

I was moving back home on Thursday and it was raining so I didn’t actually do my Thursday mileage this week.  Lame excuse I know.

I made up for it yesterday with this week’s long-run.  It wasn’t actually a long-run, it was down as a 5k race.  I ran it in 35:06 for an 11:20 pace. I flicked back through my Garmin and counted only a handful of times I’ve ever run a faster 5k. I seriously love seeing my times improve!

Now let’s aim for a flawless week 7. Can’t believe race-day is sneaking up so fast!

– CJ


One Response to “Half Marathon update: Week 6”

  1. Laura August 30, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

    Sounds great, yay for getting the elusive runners high 🙂

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