Blackberry blogging

22 Oct

I typically hate putting myself out there – its why there’s very few pictures of me on here or even on facebook or in family albums. Its also why I recoil from situations which rely on popularity or pitching myself. I’d be terrible on the apprentice!

So it was with some hesitation that I put myself forward when Jen announced she was expanding the PriorFatGirl family.

I’ve talked more about cheesecake this week than weightloss but its been a stressful few months at work and the added stress of prepping food and counting points made it so that weightloss fell by the wayside. I realised as I wrote my email to Jen that regardless of the outcome, I’m recommitting to this journey and I’m committed to doing it for myself, not for anyone else and not for any other reason than my own health and happiness.

In the past I always wanted to be skinnier by the time this holiday came along, or that party, or seeing those friends and it hasn’t ever worked for me. So this time I’m not setting any deadlines, I’m not looking to any particular points in time. I’ll reach my healthy and happy place at my own pace just as soon as I’m ready. But I’m starting that journey this very minute.

I’m recommitting to my journey and I’m recommitting to this blog. From tomorrow I’m going to post my weight daily. I’ll count weekly losses but its a tool that has worked before and takes away the craziness associated with the ever changing number on those scales.

I’m also going back to my body balance class on Saturday since it won’t interfere with my running now that my half-marathon is over and I’m going to pre-track my meals and plan my food better since it helps not just with the weightloss but also my bank balance.

I was promoted at work last week, which has helped massively with my confidence and self-belief and we’re in a recruitment process currently so hopefully my workload is about to lighten and the timing just feels so right for this.

Watch this space!

– CJ


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