4 Nov

Weigh-in: 204.4
Post-midnight snack: multigrain wrap: 162 calories, peanut butter: 186 calories, blackcurrant jam: 32 calories
Breakfast: Pret porridge with compote: 267 calories, starbucks venti sfv soy latte: 190 calories
Lunch: veggie pasta: 413 calories, salad with dressing:268
Dinner: half a caesar salad with ham, half a bread roll, guinea fowl breast, potato cake and vegetables plus half a scoop of rum and raisin and half an apricot tart, a petit four, vodka and diet coke and 3 glasses of white wine
Post-dinner snack: lolly: 75 calories, 2 slices of toast with honey: 300

I left work at 1am this morning and felt carsick the entire taxi-ride home. I hadn’t planned on eating anything after dinner, which is why I blogged, so it’d be set in stone/print but I just couldn’t fall asleep when my stomach was so unsettled.

Tonight I had to attend a client dinner with a set menu that I had no control over. I’m not even sure how to calculate those calories. I got fed-up with weightwatchers because I don’t believe all fats are bad. I didn’t like using up half a days points on an avocado when its actually good for you and contains good for you fats, but at least I was pretty good at estimating points – calories are still kind of an abstract idea to me.

Either way I went way over today since the total is almost 1900 without including dinner.

Tomorrow’s another day…



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  1. Chubby McGee March 3, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    I just found your blog via Jack’s Blog. I wanted to tell you that I feel the SAME way about the chubby pics and having to detag myself from them.

    It’s exhausting!!! I can’t wait to stop doing it, too. šŸ™‚

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