The end is nigh

21 Oct

I come bearing bad news.  If you have been following along with the saga of the chocolate honeycomb cheesecake slice, well, this is its final episode.

I had planned on going grocery shopping after work tonight but that was derailed completely.  Instead, I stayed in the office until almost midnight and the grocery store shuts at 11pm.

I contemplated ordering delivery pizza on the ride home but thought I should just go to bed hungry instead.  So when I got home and did my usual glance in the fridge and remembered I had a slice of cheesecake alongside my two red onions I was overjoyed.  (Seriously, I have two red onions and ONLY two red onions in my fridge at the moment.  It’s sad).

Should I have eaten a slice of cheesecake at midnight? Possibly not.  But those 385 calories felt a damn sight less guilty when they’re dinner instead of just desert!



Cheesecake update

19 Oct

The slice of chocolate honeycomb cheesecake is still in my fridge.


(source – Natalie Dee)

I tried to take a photograph as proof but my camera battery is dead and I can’t find the charger.  So you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Suspicious I know, but I promise it’s still there just hanging out.  I wouldn’t lie to you!

It’s not like I’ve been a model eater the past couple of days, just for some reason the cheesecake isn’t so appealing.  I caught myself earlier thinking I should just eat it to get it out of the way but that’s a stupid reason to eat cheesecake. I considered it for breakfast this morning but I’d already eaten my toast with peanut butter and really, I wouldn’t have enjoyed eating it hurriedly when I wasn’t even hungry.

So the cheesecake slice survives another night. I should probably check on its expiration date. And even though I hate wasting food, I WILL NOT eat it just because it’s wasteful not to eat it. THAT would be a stupid reason to eat cheesecake.

– CJ

Chocolate Honeycomb Cheesecake

18 Oct

If you were hoping for a delicious recipe with that title then I’m going to have to apologise for sorely disappointing you.

Ok, fine, here you go


But don’t come crying to me when your weightloss stalls! Seriously the pictured recipe doesn’t even require cooking!?

No, the real reason for this post is because there’s a slice of chocolate honeycomb cheesecake sitting in my fridge and I haven’t eaten it.

I bought it yesterday, they come in a pack of two slices from the grocery store opposite my house.  I’m currently sick so I have sort of a licence to eat what I’m craving.  Yesterday, it was noodles.  I think because they’re spicy so I can actually taste them. And to prove that theory today I ate chilli and half a cheese/ham/mustard sandwich. Both just spicy enough to taste.

It’s most definitely a step that I haven’t felt the need to eat the cheesecake out of boredom, or just that crazy fixation that I tend to get when I know there’s ‘bad for me’ foods in the house. 

It might be a baby step, but it’s a step.


P.S. My lack of smell/taste totally backfired on me this morning when I sprayed myself with hairspray.  I guess normally if you spray too much hairspray you’ll realise when you start to breathe it in and you’ll move away.  Not if you have no sense of smell or taste.  If you have no sense of smell or taste then you’ll probably continue to inhale the hairspray until it starts to burn the back of your throat.  It’s not pleasant.

Half-Marathon 2

10 Oct

So this morning I fueled up with half a cup of iced coffee and two pieces of toast with peanut butter, a banana and some chia seeds.

And then I was out the door. 

After a little frustration with closed tube stations (I checked when I left but 20 minutes later when I got there a defective train had shut the station ARGH).

Made it to Hyde Park with just enough time to pee and check my bag and then we were off.


I was a little disconcerted to find the 2:10 pacer was in the corral behind me but I shouldn’t have worried.  He passed me by at about mile 3! 

Mile 1 started off a little fast (I was seeing 8minute/miles on the Garmin) but I managed to slow it way down and came in at 11:18.  My goal was to keep under 12 minute miles and to not burn out.

At about mile 2, the elite runners passed us going in the opposite direction and I saw one of them just collapse and get hooked up to breathing apparatus.  Holy crap – and he’s a professional!

Miles 1-6 were awesome.  We looped past Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the London Eye, ran along the Thames, and passed Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch.

For some reason, mile 5 was my slowest at 12:35.

Miles 6-13.1 were ALL inside Hyde Park and the course was a little more, undulating? than I’m typically used to.  At mile 6 I actually got super excited to see 1:10 on the Garmin but then I realised that mile 6 is not actually halfway! Yeah, clearly all my brain cells were being used to make my legs move!

Mile 7 I saw another runner drop and get stretchered off.  It was pretty scary to see but I told myself I was going to be ok and just kept trucking on.  It was hot out there today and there were some stretches where the sun was just beating down on all of us. I should probably have worn sunscreen but it was dark when I left the house so that thought never entered my mind.

I was really pleased to see the mile 10 marker before I hit the 2 hour mark. I sort of loved having my name on my t-shirt so people cheered me on.  It made me smile and definitely pick up the pace.

The final mile was pretty tough.  The food festival was in full swing and the smell of BBQ made me want to hurl. 

My final time, and the course was pretty much bang on distance-wise because my Garmin read just 13.15 miles, was 2 hours, 35 minutes and 20 seconds. I loved that they texted this to you shortly after you finished and I loved that it was actually 2 seconds quicker than my Garmin.

Final race splits:

Average pace: 11:49

  • Mile 1 – 11:18
  • Mile 2 – 11:38
  • Mile 3 – 11:50
  • Mile 4 – 11:31
  • Mile 5 – 12:35
  • Mile 6 – 11:55
  • Mile 7 – 11:51
  • Mile 8 – 11:42
  • Mile 9 – 11:44
  • Mile 10 – 11:58
  • Mile 11 – 12:09
  • Mile 12 – 11:45
  • Mile 13 – 11:50
  • 0.15 at the end – 1:36 (10:33 pace was about all the sprint I could manage to the finish!)

Pretty consistent pacing if I do say so myself! And 2 minutes faster than last year – Woot!

Since the race was in Hyde Park I treated myself to a little trip to the High Street Kensington Wholefoods where I purchased a spaghetti squash, brown rice sushi, braggs amino acids and some dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. Mmmmm

I think my next challenge is going to be to improve my pace a little. I’d like to do some 10 minute miles and maybe a sub-30minute 5k? I’ve never done a 5k before.

– CJ

T – 3 days

7 Oct

Tomorrow is Friday, then there’s Saturday and finally Sunday will arrive and I’ll be torturing myself through 13.1 miles.

I’ve lost serious sleep lately over my fundraising goals but thanks to some very amazing and generous people in my life I  actually met my fundraising goal this afternoon.

Now I’m losing sleep over the actual running part.

I’m having nightmares about not being able to finish, not having done enough training, not being prepared enough on the day and any number of other stress inducing scenarios.

I am working hard at positive thinking.  Visualizing success. And more than anything, taking advice from Jen, a priorfatgirl to take just ‘one step. one breath.’


Jen, a priorfatgirl


– CJ


20 Sep

After last week’s mini-breakdown I’m feeling much better about things.

I got out the door yesterday and ran 10k as dictated by my training schedule and it wasn’t so bad.  I finished with an average pace of 12:24.  Given that I had taken almost 2 weeks off the running I’m going to take it.

Just two more long-runs before half-marathon day…eeek!

– CJ

This sucks

13 Sep

I skipped Weightwatchers last Wednesday because I ate too much on Tuesday evening.

Then I ate too much on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

I even ate too much today.

I skipped a whole week of half-marathon training.

Why do I have such issues with weight loss? What is holding me back from achieving what I want to achieve other than myself? And why am I stopping myself like this? Sabotaging myself is only hurting me.

As soon as I feel tired or stressed I turn to food and I work in a field where I’m likely always going to be tired or stressed at some point.  I love my job most of the time so it’s about learning to cope with that tiredness and stress rather than finding another career.

I need to do something new and I need to do something drastic.  I just don’t know what.

– CJ